New terrace at Pavel Zedníček’s
cottage near Karlštejn

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Location: Karlštejn
TERAFEST Forest Palisander+
Realization: WPC – WOODPLASTIC a. s. (2018)

„Originally there was a floor, a kind of cork floor, and then my wife and I decided to replace it. And why? Because WoodPlastic is great in that you don’t have to refinish it every year. And most importantly, why we got it – we’re going to have four grandchildren this year, and imagine if those grandchildren were running around on a rock in here, that would be impossible. So we decided to go with WoodPlastic. WoodPlastic is great, it’s beautiful, it’s smooth, the only downside is that the blackbirds poop on it, I’ve got blackbird spots here, but again – no problem – you take a cotton bud, you vacuum it and it’s clean, so it’s absolutely the best pool floor I know. I have to say to WOODPLASTIC, they are great, impeccable and cool.”

– Pavel Zedníček